The Sense of Being = Empathy

The Sense of Being = Empathy

I believe that each species on this planet has an innate ability to communicate nonverbally with each other whether within a specific species or with all species.

I believe this because I see it when two dogs out for a walk meet each other face to face, I see it when a herd of deer take attention and run together away from danger and I see it when I look into the eyes of a child.

To a degree, there is a standard belief such as a mother’s intuition. There are not many humans who will argue the point of the bond between a mother and a child, especially a young child. It is the heart of the mother that connects with a child-even before birth, to simply know things that we do not accept as a standard but we should! It is intuition. And beyond intuition, it is empathy. Empathy is to know instinctually how another person feels.

Some people mix the words compassion and empathy but they are different and mean entirely different things. Empathy should be our ultimate goal. Empathy rather than compassion for empathy uses the heart to feel how another person feels. While compassion has its place, I find that compassion is a word that for many has become overused and over-abused and some who use the word compassion use it from the head rather than from the heart (as all words should be thought and felt from the heart) and when compassion is used from the head, it is judgement and it is not our place to judge another.

Therefore, I need to know that you understand the truth about empathy and why it exists and why it is shunned by whole societies when its embrace would change the world.

Empathy is intuitive in each human being. It is a trait along the dna strand and it is one of those traits that have helped humankind survive. The ability to use instinct saves lives, even today. Empathy is no different than any other traits in the species such as have blue eyes or having a straight spine or a musical talent that is inherited from a parent. Musical talent never explored or lessons not taken don’t mean the innate skill isn’t there, it simply means it is dormant.

Grade 10 biology speaks of recessive and dominate genes and how traits are shared to the next generation. If someone who’s empathy is more dominate has a child with someone else who’s empathy is more dominate, then next generation will more likely than not have more tendencies towards empathy. Do you understand this?

We each have this ability; in some it is more dominate than in others just as musical ability or artist ability can be more dominate in some people than in others. But everyone loves music! It pulls at your heartstrings; it calls to you to participate in some way. Empathy is the same.

Empathy is shared along the heartstrings. Empathy is a heart experience. The connections are very real. Haven’t you ever had that feeling of having known someone forever when you’ve just met them? I call these soul relations, soul family if you will. Additionally, haven’t there been times where you literally knew exactly what someone else was thinking? These are the heartstring connections that I am speaking of.

Visualize the earth in your heart and imagine all the people you have ever met and watch as the heartstrings appear. It is a beautiful weaving bond that holds us all together. Some call these heartstrings energy signatures and some call the continually moving weaved heartstring bonds a grid. I prefer heartstrings because that speaks to me and where I speak from, from my heart to yours.

When a child is born, the child’s empathy level is very high. This is very instinctual and in the past was very necessary for survival of the species. Before a child can talk, he can very accurately convey his happiness or sadness to those around him. Can’t he?

Depending on the social setting, as the child develops and grows into a verbal language, empathy is used less. The spoken word gets the child what he wants. By the time the child enters into the school system, empathy is almost purposefully pushed back or away from consciousness.

This is the dogma that needs to be revealed and understood for what it is. It is known as conquer and divide on the battlefield. Yes, the battlefield. For all the wanting and talking of peace, we have wars. And wars beget wars and each war begets more power moguls. It disgusts me to say that but the truth is in our history. So let us call them power moguls. These power moguls are always looking for more ways to enslave other humans — through poverty, disease, and in ways most of us haven’t even seriously pondered such as the very food we eat and the medicines we use and the cell phone in our pocket.

From a world power or world domination point of view, to know and understand empathy would be to use empathy to your own good (power and control) and to continue to have the masses in fear and ignorance of an innate ability like empathy! So in the general public, you ridicule those that are different and in the war room you look for ways to exploit it. Ah, but this is a general truth of every world power that is currently in control or wishes to be in control or has been in control and that’s a different story but just to be noted.

So we are back to every child of school age of say 5 years of age or so. This is the child who comes up behind you and you don’t even know he’s there until he touches you on the arm and you jump. This is the child you start to tell that you are taking them to McDonalds for dinner but they are already on the way out the door to the car because they already know. This is the child who exactly how to push every button you have and some you didn’t even know you had.

How does he do it? Empathy is the answer. Empathy travels along the heartstrings and uses pictures instead of words. Pictures are our first language; it is non verbal and speaks volumes. The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” explains it quite well. But it is more than that! I mean that literally where ever there is a word, first there was a picture and we are born with this ability and it is part of the innate nonverbal communication trait that is instinctual in human beings and every species on the planet. It is a visualization process that comes very natural to each species.

When you began to tell the child about the special dinner out, you pictured it in your head and he saw it, he saw those golden arches and ran screaming with glee to the car. Didn’t he? In deed and in thought he did.

Empathy or to empathic if you prefer. But that said, do you understand why others begin to shun him in school? Because many people have built their world on lies and you cannot lie successfully to someone who is empathic. The human experience is filled with fear, hate, abuse and so many other negative situations. But again I say to you, it’s about paradoxes and polar opposites and if the human experience is filled with hate, we need love even more now just to level the playing field. And if someone is not living from their heart, they cannot commit to love or to peace and that is why we have war. Because of lies, some lies start small but become big and after some time, the lies became hate and the hate grows into egregores and egregores feed off the massive amounts of negative thought forms we spew forth from our consciousness with every thought. Thoughts are real and real thoughts hurt empathic people. And remember, everyone is empathic. Do you get it yet?

Every time you say I hate you, even if you only say it in your mind; it is real and it hurts and your negative thoughts are adding to the negative thought forms that surround and permeate this planet and we are never ever going to have peace—rather personal or worldwide-until each individual takes responsibility for their own thoughts and actions all the way back to lying to a 5 year old child that what he feels is a lie when it’s the truth! Someone did hurt your feelings when you were 5 years old and you started closing that door to empathy because it hurt.

Another reason, empathy is shunned is because of modern media and all the horror films. Really, who wants to be like that? Empathy gone bad, it’s a terrifying thought really and much easier to shun and ridicule than to own up to being a sensitive soul who wants peace. This relates back to the world power people and the ability mass media has of deciding what is right and what is wrong. For them, it is better to have everyone sitting in their own house afraid then to connect with each other along the heartstrings and to know the truth of something as simple and as real as empathy. Know what I mean?

I want peace. I want peace for you. I want peace for me. I want peace. You do too, I know.

I debunk a lot of New Age talk because it should be debunked but one of the things I’ve heard often in the past decade is “the sixth sense”. What is it and who will have it? This is more silly talk. Silly, silly separatist talk I tell you! No one is better. We all have it to the degree we allow it. It is already here. It has always been with us as a species. It is a gift from God. It is not the “sixth sense” it this:

The Sense of Being Human = Empathy

Do you get it?

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